1. ASTE is the only organization that tries to help the test professional perform their work faster, more efficiently, and with greater quality.
  2. ASTE is a valuable source of technical information for any technical professional involved with all types of testing.
  3. ASTE is a national network of testing professionals, peer helping peer
  4. ASTE gives professionals an opportunity to meet and work with the leaders of the testing industry.
  5. ASTE is a prime source of information about conferences, symposia, etc by attending all of them and reviewing them in a quarterly newsletter.
  6. ASTE gives technical test professionals an opportunity to have their opinions heard at various technical and standards test related organizations
  7. ASTE offers test professionals a review of over 20 technical magazines per month for the latest test articles you may have missed.
  8. ASTE offers a source of professional contacts that could provide potential career advancement and show who is hiring test engineers.
  9. ASTE provides the potential steppingstones to a position of leadership in the testing community.
  10. ASTE helps bridge academic, industrial and military test related issues.
  11. ASTE helps break down the over 200,000 test related www sites to bring the most pertinent test information and “free” test tools available for your work
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