The American Society of Test Engineers, Inc. (ASTE) is made up of corporate and individual members from primarily the electronics testing industry as well as electronic instrumentation professionals from the manufacturing, science, education, and medical disciplines. ASTE is a "all volunteer", registered non-profit corporation dedicated to the Quality, Integrity, and Advancement of the Test Engineering Professional...Peer helping Peer.

Brief History

  • The ASTE was founded in 1981 by John Turino in Great Britian.

  • The organzation was first incorporated in the state of Illinois.

  • The ASTE ran several sucessful ATE Shows, Conferences and Proceedings in 1985, 1988, 1989, etc.

  • The ASTE ran into unforseen financial problems after co-sponsoring a 1993 Test Technology Transfer Conference.

  • In the process of paying back its financial obligations and under new management, the ASTE was run continued on a shoestring budget, for several years by the tremendous efforts of Art Bainton and Julie Knurowski.

  • After the retirement of Art and Julie, Michael Keller, the ASTE Newsletter Editor In Chief, took over the position of ASTE Executive Director and Re-Incorporated the ASTE as a non-profit corporation in Massachusetts. He re-engineered the ASTE into an "All-volunteer", non-profit organization which has published 40 quarterly ASTE Newsletters to date.